Tryweryn trip report

Just a quick trip report from last weekend when 6 club members went to Wales to tackle some whitewater on the Tryweryn near Bala

BCC on the Tryweryn - Feb 2015

BCC on the Tryweryn – Feb 2015

The weather forecast was good for the morning but closing in with heavy rain overnight.  This would work well as the Tryweryn was only open on the Saturday and the rain would give us a chance to paddle some other rivers on the Sunday.

After an early start on the Saturday we all arrived in time for an 11am start – once we had paid our fees, we were transported up to the top of the river and launched for some excellent fun in the rapids.  The weather, although a bit nippy, was sunny but with an occasional snow shower thrown in.  In fact it was a really beautiful day; snow topped mountains, russet coloured fields and trees and crystal clear, bubbling, bright whitewater – perfect.  Almost everyone took a spill or two, but it proved to be an excellent day – everyone took 2 or 3 trips down the upper section that day.

BCC on the Tryweryn - Feb 2015

BCC on the Tryweryn – Feb 2015

In the evening we headed into Bala to tackle the legendary Chinese takeaway – even though we restrained ourselves, the order was still too large for us (the spring rolls were as large as ever).  All that was left for the evening was talk of the paddling possibilities tomorrow, a few beers and some musical entertainment with Lewis’ guitar.

BCC on the Tryweryn - Feb 2015

BCC on the Tryweryn – Feb 2015

As it transpired, the rain only arrived mid-morning on Sunday, so after a good day on the Saturday, we were only left with admiring the possibilities of a few rivers on Sunday, if the levels had risen – we can all dream.

BCC on the Tryweryn - Feb 2015

BCC on the Tryweryn – Feb 2015

Thanks for a great team effort by all, Graham and Keith for driving and for Kevin for his expert tutelage.

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