A Paddle from Mid-Mersea to Ray Island (Saturday 15th August)

Mark B & Ayden invite all club members to join them on a paddle from Mid-Mersea to Ray Island on Saturday 15th August.

High tide is set at 13.46pm and it will be one of the highest tides of the year (5.10m).

We will start from the car park next to Seaview Holiday Park, Seaview Avenue, West Mersea, Essex CO5 8DA.  The set off time will be at 11.45am – so please arrive no later than 11.15am so we can all get organised.

This will allow us two hours until high tide so we can paddle all the way to Ray Island.

We will paddle through Besorm Fleet, past the old Cricket Pitch, the House Boats and back into the harbour, finally arriving at Ray Island for a picnic. But we must leave the Island as we found it.

As the tide goes back out to sea we can paddle over the mud to the Strood, then back to the harbour for an ice cream.  We can paddle with the tide back down to Seaview.

Please note:  This paddle is not suitable for Canadian Canoes.

Anyone wishing to use one of the two club Sea Kayaks then please contact Dave or Mark to reserve.  All borrowed equipment must be returned clean.

If you wish to attend this paddle then can you please contact Mark B or reply by clicking ‘leave a reply’ button. Thank you. 

If you want to borrow equipment please email equipment@braintreecanoeingclub.co.uk stating the Ray Island trip, your name and equipment required; you will be responsible for transporting the equipment and returning it back to the pool clean.

For new paddlers, Kit list (other than the obvious kayak, and paddle):

  • Buoyancy aid – you will not be allowed to paddle without one
  • Spray deck – will be required!
  • Dry cag / trousers (something to keep out the wind/rain)
  • Footwear (wetsuit boots or old trainers)
  • Food (e.g. sandwiches/snacks/cereal bars – remember it has to fit in your kayak)
  • Drink (e.g. water, energy drink, thermos)
  • If sunny, possibly a hat/sun cream
  • Anti-bacterial hand gel (to use before you eat your sandwiches)

On a safety note, any children (under 18) will need to be accompanied by an adult (also paddling) and a Parental Responsibility form will need to be signed and handed in on the day.

Happy Paddling!

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One Response to A Paddle from Mid-Mersea to Ray Island (Saturday 15th August)

  1. Mick Keepence says:

    Hi folks, Could you put Joe, possibly Ryan and Mick Keepence down for the trip please. Cheers Mick.

    Sent from my iPhone


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