On Friday night 6 members of the Club set off from Bures to Nayland, on a evening / night paddle.

On Friday night 6 members of the Club set off from Bures to Nayland, on a evening / night paddle.

After a car run to Nayland we hit the river at 7pm

On the way down the Stour the Sun set was a brilliant red behind us & in front most of the time with the river winding back & forwards, was the full blue moon.

Full blue moon is the name for the second full moon in a month.

We stopped on the river bank & had some of Mick’s birthday cake.

As the Sun set we broke the glow sticks & numbered off 1 to 6.

Jackie H & Lauren had there kayaks lit up like a little Christmas tree.

We all had a turn at point in the dark , the river was a bit weedy in places. But most of the time it was a good wide run.

With jumping fish & one or two Swans & kingfishers.

As we paddled past the campsite the kids camping thought we were mad. But you can guess what they would want to do next.

There was some very good singing about the blue moon & I spy as well.

We all had a look at the weirs & on a sunny day might have a play.

As the night went on it was getting very dark & there was the tunnel on the river just before Nayland.

It gave us all some idea of what the old canal barges had to do in the dark river tunnels.

At the last 3 step weir we all decided to shoot them.

So I went first to guide all down to the bottom the river was running well but we got a bit stuck on the bottom but with the Anchor Inn waiting for us we soon found deeper water.

We just made last orders & were still sitting in the Anchor garden when all the lights went out. So it was time to head home.

I would like to say thank Mike, Joe, Lee, Lauren & Jackie for a fun evening.

Mark B

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