For Sale: Ventura Flex 11 and a ReCoil


The Ventura Flex 11: is practically New, I don’t even remember it going out; a great boat.

Length: 10’8″ / 3.30m

Width: 25″ / 65cm

Weight: 44lbs / 20kg

Max. Capacity (paddler & kit): 260lbs / 120kg

Material: Linear Polyethylene

(the same stuff they use to make whitewater kayak) AS New Now in the shops from £495.00 happy to accept £350.00

IMG_9314 IMG_9310IMG_9311





The ReCoil: is a lovely boat. Travelled the Blackwater and leading up to French Alps; another great boat. Accept £185.00

IMG_9033  IMG_9031 IMG_9027IMG_9032


I do have other items also for sale but  they are best seen; buoyancy aids etc.


Helen Barnett

01376 561424


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