R.N.L.I. Kayak Film Launch

The RNLI has developed a new resource for kayakers- a short video which highlights the reason for carrying a means of calling for help and to keep it within reach.

It is a really powerful resource but, like all these things, does nothing unless people view it.  The RNLI will be promoting the video on social media over the next month as well as working with key partners to help share this video.  To support this we would be hugely grateful if you could put aside 10 minutes today to do the following 3 quick things.

  1. Watch the video – if you haven’t seen it already, please have a look for yourself – it’s only 2 minutes!

2. Write a quick list of people you know or have links to those who have networks across the kayaking / canoeing audiences. This could be friends, family, coaches, a volunteer with links to a club, shop/retailer, manufacturer or even stand-up paddle boarders! The point is, personal contacts are always most powerful and if you can encourage others not just to watch, but to share with others to then the knock on effect is big.

3. Get sharing! Email, Facebook, twitter – whatever works for you!

This will go a long way to help people enjoy their sport safely and DOES make a difference.

If anyone would like a copy of this video for use at talks or presentations, please contact me.

Terry Corner, Sea Safety Officer

Upway, The Street, Washbrook

IPSWICH, Suffolk, IP8 3HR

Phone 0771 157 6843 (mobile)


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