Broken Paddle Tournament

Another successful Broken Paddle polo tournament was held yesterday with 25 paddlers turning up on the night.

The winning team were:

Mel Forrester, Grace Poole, Mark Poole, Shaun Parmenter and Emma Stevens

Unfortunately due to equipment (or possibly operator!) failure we don’t have the pictures I took (or didn’t take) from the event so if you all want to send me a selfie with your medal proudly displayed I’ll get them up here – Shaun, you can include the Able Paving T-shirt if necessary . . . .

Thanks to everyone who helped, especially Andy for the score-keeping and Mark and George for the team selection (although if I’m ever to get on the trophy again I think I’ll have to pick the team next year).


an update . . . . as you can see the T-shirt has expanded a little and the blatant bias in team selection is now obvious, we can only hope for something a little more sedate from the other team members (now there’s a challenge!)



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