This weekend (5th & 6th December)

It is December already (well tomorrow) – how quickly it seems to come around each year, although technically it comes around with precise regularity every 365 days (ok, 366 days next year) – it is more like I am getting old, though not as old as Kevin is now, but I am as old as Kevin once was… sorry, that’s a bit obscure.  Apologies, must be past my bedtime!

Just to make a couple of announcements and clarify something about this weekend’s activities.

Saturday 5th: This is usual training in the pool at 7:45, but the pool does close at 9:00am!

Sunday 6th: There is a Sunday evening training session in the pool at 6:30pm.  As per usual Standing Order payments do not apply so all attendees have to pay the usual standard pool session fee.

Additionally on Saturday morning (5th Dec), there is a a short paddle arranged by DaveN, from Papermill Lock to The Rushes and back.  Meet at 8:00am for an 8:30am start – with luck you may get to Macky D’s for breakfast.

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