Happy New Year to you all.

Hi All

It’s a new day and a new year, I hope everyone received the toys they where wishing for and the coming year brings everything you are hoping for and more.

It’s the AGM soon and the end of an era for me and I can’t let it end without saying a few words.

I have enjoyed immensely being Chairman and I know I will miss it, but the real stars of the past few years have been the committee around me. We have come a long way together and I count myself as being very lucky to have been surrounded by hard working and dedicated people, with not so much as a cross word in all that time. As well as the committee there have been many more people in the wider club who have worked hard playing their part in making this Club of ours a success.

Our Club means a lot to me and without all the effort and support it would not exist and so I would like to say “Thank You all for a very special time”thanks pic web

All this of course does not mean I will disappear of the face of the earth (sorry to disappoint).

I am looking forward to a year of sun, sea and surf, I hope to see you there.

Thank You Paul


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