2016 – a new year . . . annual subscriptions now due

The 2015 A.G.M. has now taken place and you have a new committee in place. The members are:

Chairman – Ian Fisher

Treasurer – Kevin Dudley

Secretary – Kevin Dudley

Welfare – Paul Norman

Webmaster – Graham Horsham

Equipment – Dave Harris/Mark Boddington

Polo – Damon Grigg

Youth – Lewis French


The proposal to retain annual subscriptions at the same rate as for the past few years was agreed and they are now due. Rates are:

Individual – £28.00

Limited Family – £44.00

Family – £60.00

please pay to any of the new committee as soon as you can.


A number of trips are already planned for 2016 – currently all being run as private (if you were there last night you’ll know why! If you weren’t there then no need to worry but it’s a hoop we have to go through – we hope to clarify soon). More details on the trips soon but the highlights are:

Thames weir – Hurley – January

R. Dart – February

Advanced w/w – end Febraury

R. Wye – March

Surfing at Saunton – Easter

Symonds Yat and Bungay – May bank holiday weekends

Cambridge backs – June

French Alps – June

The annual awards were presented, well done to all the recipients:

Ron Brown Award – Jordan Farrugia – for work on very entertaining videos of w/w trips and Lee Valley

Youth Improver – Lauren Palmer – for all round excellent paddling in the pool and local rivers.

Young Paddler of the Year – George Slack – for embracing many aspects of the Club including w/w and Lee Valley.

Adult Improver – Keith Tyler – for not getting Swimmer of the Year

Paddler of the Year – Mark Poole – for all round paddling, polo, w/w and at Lee Valley

Clubman of the Year – Dave Nicoll – for his help on sorting river trips and pool sessions/

and last but not least  . . . . .

Swimmer of the Year – Jacquie Hall – for an epic swim off Ray Island.



If there’s anything you want the new Committee to consider then please contact us as we’ll be having our first meeting soon.


Happy paddling





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