River Paddle Run on the Stour – Bures to Nayland

River Paddle Run on the Stour, Bures to Nayland

This paddle is on, Sat 13th of Feb.

This paddle is a 10.30 start with a meeting in the car park at Bures at 10am This is for the car shuttle to Nayland.
1. Location: Bures recreational ground (Google Maps)
2. Paddle Type: River
3. Distance: 6 miles (one way)
4. Difficulty Rating: Beginner+
5. License required: Yes
6. Facilities:
7. Free car parking (can get busy during peak times)
8. No toilets
9. Accommodation: There is a campsite at Wissington
10. Navigation Guide: River Stour (Fens Waterways Link)

Bure to Nayland map

A nice easy introduction to river paddling. A very pretty and historic river made famous by the Constable paintings (one of the prettiest paddles we have been on). There is a slight current and occasional shallow spot, occasionally narrowing through some reed beds, but still easily navigable.
Because of the current, it is best to travel downstream and arrange suitable drop off and pick up transportation – parking is available at both ends, but can be slightly busy at the Bures recreational ground. On parking at Bures, there is a 100m walk to the launch spot. At Nayland, the landing place is about 50m from where you can park your car.
The graphic, below, shows the route from Bures to Nayland, a one-way trip of just under 6 miles – several portages are required to navigate around weirs and other man-made obstacles.
You will need warm drinks food if you would like.

But over all you must have very warm kit for this paddle.

If you need kit for this trip emails Equipment – Dave Harris & Mark Boddington – Equipment@braintreecanoeingclub.co.uk

All the kit must be back at the pool for the next Sat & cleaned, please.

If you have under 18 years old on this paddle can you fill out one of the Parental Responsibility forms please. And have it with you on the day, for me please..

Form is here: Parent/Guardians Responsibility for Young People on the Water

All have fun out on the river if you are coming on this trip can you emails me please.


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