Kayak support for “Great Swim” events

A number of Club members have provided support to the Great East Swim and Great London Swim in past years (and donated their services so that the Club gets the funds…)

We have been notified of the dates for these events again – 18th June for the Great East Swim at Alton Water and 16th July at the Royal Victoria Docks for the Great London Swim.

If you are available on either of these dates and wish to help the Club then please contact me and I will try to liaise with the organisers to get you in.

pre-requisites are:

–          Minimum of 16 years of age

–          You must hold at least one of these qualifications (FSRT, WWSR, SESA, BCU Lifeguard, Old BCU 2* or New BCU 3*) or have previous experience working as a Safety Kayaker at a Great Swim Event

–          You must own/have access to a kayak (no open canoes or play-boats)


Kevin Dudley – Secretary




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