1* Coaching course

The committee are looking at the possibility of supporting up to 5-6 members for a Level 1 Certificate in Coaching Paddlesport. Some details of what is involved is here: https://www.britishcanoeing.org.uk/courses/level-1-certificate-in-coaching-paddlesport/

The club may be able to provide limited funds to offset the cost of course for the individual, but the amount of support provided has not yet been determined; course cost depends on a number of things but without club support could be as much as £275.  The criteria required in order for the club to support an individual are:

  • Must be an existing BCC club member
  • Holds an FSRT qualification
  • Holds a 2* award

Please note that the course requires 32 hours of training, typically 4 days spread over 2 weekends, but it is dependent on the coach, venue, attendees etc.  One set of possible dates are: 25/26 June and 16/17 July.

Anyone who does pass the course with club funds assistance will be required to use their new skills by assisting in coaching other members.

At this point we are only gauging interest, so if your are interested, and will be able to meet the criteria required, please email: info@braintreecanoeingclub.co.uk to register an interest.

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