Sunday evening sessions – regular bookings for 2016

Due to popular demand, we have arranged regular Sunday training sessions for the rest of 2016. On the second Sunday of every month we will now hold an addition session from 18:30 – 19:30; the dates have been added to the Club Diary, but are also listed here.

  • 8th May
  • 12th June
  • 10th July
  • 14th August
  • 11th September
  • 9th October
  • 13th November
  • 11th December

These sessions are open only to existing club members and is at additional cost; the standing order does not cover the cost of these sessions.  The standard pool charges will therefore apply for all attendees.

We have not organised a specific rota for the evening, so if you attend and have got an FSRT qualification, please help out by doing 15-20 minutes of pool duty

Please turn up no earlier than 6:15pm, as the swimming club will still be leaving the pool/changing area

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