Paddle on the Gipping From Stowmarket to Ipswich on Sunday the 5th June.

Some of us from BCC paddled the Gipping back in Nov 2013 & it is time to go back & paddle all the way this time.

So on Sunday the 5th June Mike & me (Mark) are going to set off from Stowmarket at 9am

BUT you will need to get there for 8am for a car shuttle

The River

The paddle is going to be an all-day paddle, possibly about 8 Hours to Ipswich. We will have the current with us but have a good think about this trip as it is quite a long way. The river used to be navigable (like the Chelmer) but most of the locks are now delapidated and/or have been replaced with more modern sluices and weirs. From the research we have done it looks like a lovely river and is quite unspolied as large boats cannot use it.

Starting Point

The starting location is the river next to the Stowmarket Train Station Look for Prentice Rd, IP14 1RD     52.188201, 1.000127 Google maps

Call into the Station Rd & you will see a pub on the right turn down next to it. Go to the bottom right. (Look for the new bridge)

Car Shuttle

We will need to run a car shuttle from the Train Station to Ipswich. This shuttle is going to take about 45 minutes in total.

End Point Or Get Out

So when we all get to Ipswich we are exiting the Gipping next to Riverside Road IP1 4AR or 52.064179, 1.130208 on Google maps

We can park about 8 cars on the side of the road hear for the day.

When I was there chatting with a local he said that this is the best exit point on this part of the river.

The first section of the river is about 6 / 7 miles down to Needham Market then another 6/7 miles down to Ipswich. There are several lock and weirs all along the river, Stowupland, Badley, Needham  & one Mill. Some of them can be shot but others will definitely need to be portaged. There is a tow path running all the way.

If maybe you feel like only doing half the river then you have the option of only paddling as far as Needham Lakes (Needham market) where there is also parking for your car.

Mike & me have had a good look at the river but we cannot check it all so on the day there might be a bit of fun/work in places in order to portage the disused locks etc.

On Google maps the river is about 22.23 km or 13.67miles.

You will need food drinks & your kit.

Plus you will need to chat with Dave H if you need to borrow a boat, paddle or any other kit for this paddle.

At the same time all BCC rules for trips are the same as we all know. So please allow for this.

Please email or text Mike D or Mark B if you are coming along on this trip. Have fun and be safe on the river!

NOTE** IF the weather forecast for this day is bad we might postpone it until the sun is out, so check the website and the club’s Facebook page please.

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