Pool sessions

The Committee would like to remind all members that Saturday pool sessions are open to the public and that appropriate standards of behaviour must be maintained at all time and in all areas – including the changing rooms.

When you attend a pool session you are representing the Club and should behave accordingly.

The Committee

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2 Responses to Pool sessions

  1. victor taylor says:

    Have mislaid all contact information but will shortly be wanting to rejoin the BCC after my heart operation.Could you please sent me information I.E. membership form and fees. thanks very muchVic taylor 07975745049

    • Hi Vic – good to hear from you again; hope you are making good progress following your op. As you were a previous member you do not need to fill out a form again, just let us know your contact details when you are ready (email them to Info@BraintreeCanoeingClub.co.uk) and we can advise as to the fee required (pro rated across the year). We look forward to seeing you again soon.
      All the best

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