UKCC LvL 1 at Lee Valley WWC

Hi all,

For the past week or so I have been talking to Dan (Senior Kayak Instructor) at Lee Valley about doing a UKCC level 1 course. There is one being held from 8th – 11th of August.

He also told me that if there was a number of us from the club doing it, he could organise a club discount. Have to be over 16 do the course. The cost for the course is roughly £250 (thats what the other courses usually cost at LV so I’m pretty sure this costs the same) but it is a 4 day course and unlike other courses held elsewhere, Lee Valley do have all the changing and shower facilities and is all done in a sheltered environment. For those in the club who have never been or paddled at the Centre this is the best way to start your kayaking development onto whitewater.

If you have any questions feel free to ask me (my email is: and if anyone is interested I will pass you onto Dan.

Jordan Farrugia

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