Please review and support the campaign!!!

We have received the note below from the ECA – can you all please take a look and support the campaign – we’ve won one round of this but they are trying again.


Essex Canoeing Association

——– Forwarded Message ——–

Subject: Stop the Damming of the River Conwy, AGAIN!
Date: Mon, 05 Sep 2016 11:30:26 +0000
From: Chris Wright via Campaigns by You <>
Reply-To: Chris Wright via Campaigns by You <>

Dear All,

The wonderful river Conwy is once again under threat and we need your help…

RWE Innogy have resubmitted their planning application to dam and divert part of the river into a massive, 2km steel and concrete pipeline and power station. Impacts on the fragile ecosystem of the Fairy Glen have not been addressed despite the original application being refused.

Over 900 people wrote in and objected to the previous application and 6,311 of you signed the petition. Your voice and actions really helped last time, so please can you help again?

The more objections the better!

Please email Snowdonia National Park to object to this planning application.

We have a template letter for you to download and ideas for you to create your own objection letter here: https://savetheconwy . com/2016/08/15/new-planning-application/

For some inspiration on why we need to stop this dam please watch and share this video:

https://vimeo . com/176568744

For more info and updates on progress please visit: http ://savetheconwy . com

Or follow on Facebook https://www . facebook . com/savetheconwy/

Or if twitter is your thing https://twitter . com/savetheconwy

Or on Instagram @SaveTheConwy https://www . instagram . com/p/BJOd_jVBIWl/

Thanks again and please keep working to Save the River Conwy.

Chris Wright started this campaign on the 38 Degrees Campaigns by You website. If there’s an issue close to your heart that you’d like to campaign on, you can start your campaign here.


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