White-water trip – 8th/9th October

I am planning a w/w trip over the weekend of 8th/9th October.

Confirmed so far are me, Kris and Mark.

We have decided to leave it until the last minute to decide where to paddle and so will be chasing the water level in the rivers – could be Wales, could be up North or even out West – we are going to see what’s running at the time.

We are looking for enough paddling partners to make a second car load to make ferrying possible.

We’ll sort out accommodation at the time and given that this is going to be last minute we can’t guarantee getting a big group all in together so it may be a bit pot luck.

Let me know if you’re interested – kkjfd@outlook.com or 07901 741838



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2 Responses to White-water trip – 8th/9th October

  1. KEITH TYLER says:

    Hi Kevin, I will be in Glasgow  on the Friday 7th, if we you was planing to go Lakes I could meet you all there on the Satuarday morning.I can take my Kayak in my car. Let me know if this works with you and the rest.


    • kkjfd says:

      Hi Keith,

      If we do decide to go up north then that would work fine – obviously if we’re down in the west country then its not so good!!

      As we won’t be making that decision until a day or two before we go we can’t say for sure but if you take your boat up there we can work things out form there. Fingers crossed for some rain.



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