French Alps 2017 . . . .

I know its early but a few of us are already planning next summer’s trip.

Preferred date is Saturday 17th June 2017 for a week – traveling overnight Friday 16th and returning to the UK some time on Sunday 25th.

We have four of us ready right now (me, Kris, Mark & Shaun) and I am looking to book the same accommodation as last year (if its available). There were 10 of us in total this year and we had room to comfortably fit in a few more.

If you are interested then please let me know – just trying to gauge interest at present but if the accommodation is available then we are likely to book – then it will be first come first served. Once booked you’ll be committed to pay!!



07901 741838 or

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  1. Bec Dixon says:

    I know lew would be really interested  but i need to find out fron the college when his last exam is I will be in touch asap,hope you are ok.xx  bec,x

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