Annual General Meeting – please read and act!

The Club’s AGM will be held in January 2017 (date and venue to be confirmed, but likely to be 20th/21st).

We are now seeking nominations for next year’s Committee. All Adult members of the Club are eligible to stand, youth members are eligible for the Youth position.

If you wish to nominate someone for the Committee please notify me, the Club Secretary (Kevin Dudley – Nominations should be made no later than the end of November.

All roles become vacant as of the date of the AGM so it is up to you to select the people you feel best able to manage the Club on your behalf. In particular the roles of Secretary and Treasurer (both performed by me at present) will need support as I will be out of the country just after the AGM for approx. 6 weeks – given that this is a busy time for these positions with membership renewals and the collection of annual subscriptions, it is vital that we have members able to help out here.

So, please consider who you would like to be on the Committee for next year, talk to the person involved to see if they are willing to stand and let me know the name of the nominee. If you just would like to volunteer yourself, again let the me know and I will complete the nomination process. The current Committee have generally noted their willingness to stand again for 2017.

On the assumption that we have more than 7 people nominated (and who are willing to stand) then an election is held with a simple majority deciding who is elected. You are elected to the Committee as a whole with the Chairman being selected at the AGM by those members present – this is the only specific position that is directly elected, all other positions are decided amongst the committee members themselves.

Lastly, if you have any proposals that you wish to put before the Club then again, please let me have them (email as above) by the end of November.

In early December I will notify you of the nominations for the Committee, if an election is required and any proposals to be voted on at the AGM.

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