Broken Paddle Tournament 2016 – Wednesday 23rd November

Braintree Canoeing Club

It’s that time of the year again folks!

If you fancy a relatively light-hearted attempt at a polo competition then come along to the pool on Wednesday 23rd November. We have the pool from 19:30 in the evening and will be aiming to get the competition underway quickly so please make sure you are there by around 19:15 so we can work out the teams.

Players of all abilities are welcome, you don’t have to have any experience just a willingness to come and have some fun. All the equipment is there at the pool so all you need are trunks and a towel and you are set for the evening, although a T-shirt or rash vest is advisable.

Last year’s winning team was: Mel Forrester, Grace Poole, Mark Poole, Shaun Parmenter and Emma Stevens

Pictures below from a previous event!





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