White-water – Pensioner paddling. . . . January 2017

That time of year is coming up again soon – Kev’s annual birthday trip – this time I will be 65 so officially a pensioner.

Two days of w/w over the weekend of 14/15th January 2017 – hopefully the weather will be kind to us and provide the “white” from moving water rather than from frost but we’ll just have to take what comes.

Baskerville Hall is currently available but if I’m going to book that then I’ll need an idea of numbers very soon. It’s likely to end a a mixed ability trip so we’ll organise what rivers to paddle once we know who’s coming along and know what the levels are like. If Baskerville Hall doesn’t work out then the venue is likely to change to North rather than Mid-Wales

If you do want to come along then please let me know – kkjfd@outlook.com or text/call 07901 741838


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