AGM – Committee members required for 2017!

We are still short of members for the Committee for 2017!.

After 6 years valiant service Graham Horsham is retiring from the Committee (We all owe thanks to Graham for his efforts) so we still need additional volunteers for next year’s Committee.

As previously noted I will not be around for the first couple of months of next year and so we have to have someone willing to take on the Secretary position. On the assumption that the rest of the Committee (me included) get voted back for next year it is most likely that I will continue with the Treasurer role and pickup Graham’s Webmaster duties – it’s not reasonable to try and do Secretary as well and that’s one position that can’t be left open during our membership renewals and must be filled.

So please, please, please consider whether or not you are able to offer help to the Club in this vital role – it may be you have a partner who can take some of the workload and the rest of the Committee will assist where they can. Please see
for a description of what’s required.



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