Annual General Meeting – 20th January 2017

We are still looking for additional volunteers to assist on the Committee for 2017 – please let any current committee member know if you are able to help.

We have only one formal proposal to be voted on at the meeting, it is to amend the Club Constitution as follows:

An additional sentence to be added at the end of Clause 3d (as underlined below).

Acceptance: The Committee may decline to accept either the initial election or renewal of membership, from any person, only for good cause such as conduct or character likely to bring The Club or sport into disrepute. Appeal against refusal of renewal may be made to the members at a General Meeting. Permanently excluded members may appeal no earlier than 1 full calendar year after exclusion, if then refused at that time there is no subsequent right of appeal. Rule 9b for Extraordinary General Meetings applies.”

Proposed by Kevin Dudley

A copy of the existing Constitution can be found here – full discussion will be held at the meeting and this post should be taken as notice under clause 9d.

Kevin Dudley – Secretary


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One Response to Annual General Meeting – 20th January 2017

  1. I would like to know why the club are not telling the past or present members what information they hold about them.
    The above inclusion look like it gives the committee carte blanche

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