AGM and 2017 Membership

You new Committee for 2017 consists of:

Ian Fisher – Chair
Jacquie Hall – Secretary
Treasurer – Kevin Dudley
Webmaster – Kevin Dudley
Equipment – David Harris and Kevin Jezzard
Polo – Damon Grigg
Youth Lewis French

We haven’t quite completed the handover of roles yet but that should happen within the next week or so and the full minutes from the meeting and accounts reports will be available here on the website

Annual subscriptions are now due – if you didn’t manage to get to the AGM last night, the proposal to keep fees the same for the 2017 calendar year was passed and if you haven’t managed to pay anyone yet then please do so as soon as you can.

You can give the money (cash or cheque) to any Committee member – as a reminder, Individual membership is £28, Limited Family is £44 and Full Family is £60.


Kevin (D)

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