Club discount on premium brand paddles

We have received an email offering a Club discount on Mitchell Blades which are a top brand – details of the prices offered can be found here . They have both sea and river paddles, so if you’re looking to spend some of your Xmas present money on some new toys . .

Dear Braintree Canoeing Club,

I am writing to you to find out whether you, and your club members, would consider purchasing Mitchell Blades in future. If this is something your members would like to think about, I am happy to offer Braintree Canoeing Club special ‘Exclusive’ club prices.

I have many traders abroad, but, only few in the UK. This is because, many whom I traded with have gone out of business. Others receive large profit margins off the likes of Werner etc.. Times have changed, and I do a lot more of direct sales. I do not wish to reduce my prices on my website, thus devaluing my products. I have marketed my paddles at a fair price, however, I feel I can offer an exclusive deal to clubs.

I’ve been making paddles for 15 years, and my products are at their best. A strong market leader, like Werner, is very dominant. Understandably, many buy to play it safe when spending considerable amounts of money. However, although some top brands do make good paddles, not all are as good as people may think. There are better brands than Werner, Epic, and certainly Select. I have perfected my paddles over most of Werner’s in virtually every way, including price. My fibreglass ‘Alutex’ paddles are carbon reinforced. You can clearly see any fibreglass ‘translucent’ paddle is not reinforced with carbon. All my whitewater paddles contain a layer of kevlar, (which can be seen along the edge of the blade). This really helps to prevent wear, and reduced shockwaves. I’ve yet to find a Whitewater paddle blade that contains kevlar throughout. I am obviously biased to my brand, but, I can honestly say, as do many Mitchell Blade customers, there are few paddles on the market that feel as good in the water.

A part from a couple of my up and coming competition paddlers, all my sponsored paddlers are extremely well known in the various kayaking sectors. I have sponsored ‘Clare O’hara’, since before she won her first silver medal 7-8 years ago. She has won all of her eight World Championships using my paddles, and has her eyes fixed on the next. Both my World Champion Squirt Boater, and European Champion Surf-Skier sponsors also won their medals with Mitchell Blades. If any of your club members are into Sea Kayaking they may have heard of ‘Justine Curgenven’, ‘Jeff Allen’, and ‘Simon Osborne’. All these Sea Kayaking explorers have carried out immense expeditions. Jeff and Simon run Sea Kayaking Cornwall, and Justine is also famous for her Cackletv Sea Kayaking Adventure films. These top paddlers are very happy to stay with me even though the larger manufactures can offer them more lucrative deals. My paddles help them get results, and I am proud to say, the performance, light weight and quality keep them wanting to use them.

Please allow your club members to take a look at my exclusive price lists. I hope your members become interested in my offer, and look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards,


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