Paddling Trips

As a follow up to one of the items that we discussed at the recent A.G.M. the Committee is asking all Club members to think about their paddling trips.

The Committee will organise a number of trips throughout the year but we cannot organise every one – nor would we want to as that will only reflect on our preferences and availability, and even with our best efforts that can’t satisfy all members. We are aware however that many of you get out paddling on a regular basis, whether that be day/evening trips to Lee Valley, local estuary runs or venturing further afield for surfing or white-water on trips that you organise yourselves.

That’s great! It’s what a canoeing club should be doing. What often happens though is that these trips become restricted to a small group, now there’s nothing wrong with wanting to go paddling with your buddies but if you’re at that stage of your paddling career where you’re confident enough to “do your own thing” then please remember back to when you needed help from some of the more experienced people to get out on the water. There are lots of club members who would like to get out more often but don’t yet have the experience to do it for themselves.

So, to help them out and also expand your own group of paddlers the Committee is asking everyone to consider publicising on the Club website the trips that they run. That doesn’t mean you have to organise everything but just to let other members know there is the chance of a paddle. It’s quite quick and easy to do – the simplest will be to just email the Committee with the details (venue, time, contact etc.) on, or for those that already have the correct publishing rights just do it yourself. We’ll make best efforts get everything up there in time for other members to partake but the more notice you give us would help to increase participation.

Please, please, please consider other Club members when you go paddling . . .

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