River trip Dedham to Langham Flumes – Sunday 19th November

This is a river trip for those who are looking to run up stream to Langham Flumes,Langham Weir (Google Maps) .   We are going to set off from the car park at Dedham at 10 am on Sunday 19th November 

  • Location: Mill pond car park,Dedham CO7 6DH
  • Paddle Type:River
  • Distance:5 miles (round trip)
  • Difficulty Rating:Beginner+
  • License required:Possibly
  • Facilities (at Dedham):
    • Coffee shop
    • Toilet
    • Pay and display car park (can get very busy during peak times)

A fairly easy introduction to river paddling, travelling upstream to start with.  At the end of the route you will come to the weir; the water is fast flowing, and a bit shallow and rocky underneath, so not suitable for lesser experienced paddlers – up to that point it is fine.  There is a portage just before the weir, so anyone not wishing to paddle the weir itself can just watch from the bank..It’s a scenic route, there are another two portages before getting to the weir one at the Mill pond and another at Stratford St. Mary.On the paddle back we plan to stop at The Swan pub, Stratford St Mary for refreshments

It is a round trip of 7.5 miles and takes around 3+ hours.  If you wish to go down the weir you will need a helmet.  It is quite a run for newer paddlers, so some big & little kids might need a rest along the river or a tow, so please bear this in mind.

Anyone paddling with an under 18 will be required to sign a paddle responsibility form. No one will be allowed to paddle without a suitable buoyancy aid.

If you need to borrow a boat or other equipment please contact David Harris at equipment1@braintreecanoeingclub.co.uk or Kevin Jezzard at equipment2@braintreecanoeingclub.co.uk

If you are coming on this trip can you let Paul Norman know. To do this please email Welfare@braintreecanoeingclub.co.uk

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