2010 – Thames

The Thames by open Canadian

The Thames enjoys a special place in the hearts and minds of the English. Stretching for 215 miles from west to east and flowing past the seat of government, it links the Cotswolds in the centre of the country with the nation’s capital city.

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Our trip would start at Lechlade where the navigable Thames begins and stretches down to Maidenhead, some 91 miles in total, passing such places as Oxford, Abington, Reading, Henley, Cookham and Marlow to mention but a few. Because of the need to book campsites in advance our daily mileage would be set with some days being longer than others, the up side of this is that the overnight stops had toilets and some even had showers, a real luxury. Our trip started at the Ha’penny bridge Lechlade, here the river is delightfully rural and lonely not unlike the Stour, meandering through meadows and having little contact with civilisation. In contrast Maidenhead the end of our trip is much bigger and busier with more traffic using the river, in spite of that it is no less attractive just different, a great trip. Those on the trip were Pat, Paul, Carl, Becky, Dave, Helen, Alan, Tish, Tim, and Kath.