2011 – Bungay- Saturday

Over the August Bank Holiday a number of club members travelled to the Outney Meadow campsite at Bungay for 2 days of paddling on the River Waveney. Below is an article written by, Jasmine, about the first day’s trip, which was from Homersfield back to Outney Meadow.  Hope you like it.

My River Journey

On the Saturday of the August bank holiday I canoed a 9 mile river journey with a lot of the canoe club.

We had to drive in the car for about 10 minutes to get to the launching point where we were going to canoe from, back to where we were camping.  We started off in a pretty and clear shallow stream with a little current to push us along.

Braintree Canoeing Club - River WaveneyThere were lots of plants and sweet smelling flowers, plus a conker tree. I tried to knock some off but I couldn’t reach. There were quite a few narrow parts of the river where there were lots of algae and my paddle kept on getting stuck in the reeds as they were so close to my boat.
Braintree Canoeing Club - River WaveneyIt was funny when one of the Canadians got stuck as the boat couldn’t fit through!!

We paddled like his for about a 2 hours having to get out of the nearest launching point for lunch. Last year, though I wasn’t there, they had hail while trying to eat their lunch. It was quite windy this time and soon it started thundering and pouring down with rain!! You’ll never believe what happened next. Hail!!!!!!! On the same day, practically the same time as last year, the same place and everything; it was hailing again.

Braintree Canoeing Club - River Waveney 
Braintree Canoeing Club - River WaveneyAfter about five minutes it stopped though and we were able to return to our canoes/ Canadians. We then paddled for about an hour passing a broken down castle sort of thing (overgrown by ivy) with 3 towers standing and the other one gone. We came to a turning where we went right so we could canoe down the fish run. First though we had to paddle again for half an hour before we came to it.
Braintree Canoeing Club - River WaveneyMy boat pulled me along really quickly because this part of the river is called the fish run because of its really fast current. At one point we had to try and stop to wait for the others so I turned round and paddled as hard as I could but I barely stayed in the same place as the river was so strong! I ended up going down the river backwards!! That lasted for 15 minutes!! Finally we came to a bridge where the fish run ended and the normal river started.

As we paddled back for about one hour we passed lots of conker trees, and a swan AND lots of mooing cows who just stared at us chewing blades of grass.

River Waveney - Canoe and Kayak

River Waveney - Canoe and Kayak

Now we were at the end of the river journey. It was long but it was very fun and I had a nice warm shower afterwards.


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