2011 – Wallasea Island

This is a trip organised by Maldon Club and the RSPB, guests of the Royal Burnham Yacht Club.

With an early start we arrive at the Royal Burnham Yacht Club at 8.45am ready for the 9.00am briefing. I am amazed to see so many Sea Kayaks, and people are still arriving. After a quick briefing, they are ready to a launch.

Shaun and Judy in their double, and Dave P and Paul in their NordKapps. Around them between 60 and 70 other kayaks, of all makes imaginable. By 10.15am they are all off around Wallasea Island, 8 miles and for those who want more around Potton Island making it 12 miles.

Leaving the Yacht Club they go right, around to the road that links Wallasea with the mainland. At the road all the kayakers have to get out and carry across the road to put back in the other side. It was very impressive to see so many kayaks on the water at one time.

They paddle around the back of Wallasea, some tuning right and going round Potton and the others to the far end where they are all to meet for tea and cake. From then on they are a bit spread out. They pass the seals at the Back of Wallasea Island. When they reach the far end the RSPB have provided tea and cake. From there they turn left back onto the River Crouch and have to paddle hard against the wind and tide back to the Yacht Club.

They return in small groups, all reporting they had a good time, and saying, with the wind it was quite a paddle. Up to the bar to sign out, and have a beer at the same time. Great to see so many kayakers from different club at one event.

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