2011 – Easter Saunton Sands

The sun is shining, the sand feels good beneath your feet and the surf is up! It’s Easter once more and it’s great to see so many people here enjoying the sea. At different times over the 10 days there where 50 people from Braintree Canoeing Club, some old members, some present members. For some Saunton Beach is like an old friend, for others a new place to explore and get to know.

I think everyone discovered something new this year. Those who have been before discovered the Cave Wave and all it has to offer including enjoying the local hospitality.  This provided long rides especially from the break alongside the rocks to the left of the Beach, which runs mid tide on the incoming and outgoing tides. Dawn surfing sessions got us ahead of the crowds, what could be finer than catching the perfect wave and watching the sun come up at the same time.Those for who Saunton Sands is a new experience, embraced Kayak surfing, as if it was in their blood or at least under their skin.

The weather stayed fine and dry all week, which meant plenty of opportunities for BBQ, mostly at Bill and Ann’s chalet and a roast dinner for 22 cooked everywhere and eaten in our garden.

It is great to be out on the waves with so many people, young and old alike. Long may it continue.

Paul S, Dave P

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