2011 – The River Orwell From Harwich

We meet at Harwich at 11am for an 11.30 launch, Pete, Dave P, Graham M, Pat and Paul. The weather was fantastic, blue sky and no wind. Didn’t feel like October, warm enough to do without cags. We set of from Harwich up the River Orwell, with three hours of tide in our favour, passing Felixstowe port on our right.

We stopped for lunch on a small beach with a fallen tree, just right for sitting on. We hung our Buoyancy aids and decks on the branches and Pete sat down on the trunk, after a few minutes we were aware of wasps around him, only to discover he had put his flask on a wasps nest. So we made a swift move down the beach for the rest of lunch.

After lunch we paddle up towards the Orwell Bridge, passing under it, the bridge seems very tall, we turn and paddle down the other bank of the river. Stopping at Pin mill we have tea and cakes, the tide has now turned, so we re-launch and head back to Harwich.

 There were several sailing and motor boat out on the river and on the way back Pete and Dave manage to catch surf on the wave off the back of a passing boat. As we come level with the entrance to the Stour preparing to ferry glide across to Harwich, there is a horn sounding and so we have to wait for the massive cross channel ferry coming out of Harwich. As we wait the sun is nearly going down, and we cross the last bit back across, the shipping lane with a beautiful sunset. Back to the car just in time to load up before it gets dark.

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