Surf’s up!

It will soon be time to go Kayak Surfing again! Or maybe think about catching a wave for the first time.

From 7 – 70 and the East Coast to the West Coast and Beyond you will find Braintree Canoeing Club.


It is important to make sure you are wearing the right kit and understand what is and isn’t a safe (friendly) wave. As always gain advice from experienced Kayak Surfers and always Surf with a strong experienced group.


Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day, and practice makes perfect. I read somewhere that Gary Player the Golfer had a seemingly endless amount of good luck, he replied “the more I practice, the luckier I become”

Below are some photos of surf trips gone by, to whet your appetite. I look forward to seeing you on the next wave.

Happy Surfing

Below surfing at Bude

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Paul Shearman